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Draft NIST Definition of Broker: Working Supplemental Document

Publication Type  Report
Year of Publication  2012
Authors  NIST: Reference Architecture and Taxonomy Working Group
Prepared for  National Institute of Standards and Technology
Pages  5
Date  05/2012
Institution  National Institute of Standards and Technology
City  Washington, DC

The NIST Reference Architecture, SP 500-292 defines a Cloud Broker as an entity that manages the use, performance and delivery of cloud services, and negotiates relationships between Cloud Providers and Cloud Consumers. As cloud computing evolves, the integration of cloud services can be too complex for cloud consumers to manage. In such cases A cloud consumer may request cloud services from a cloud broker, instead of contacting a cloud provider directly. Cloud Brokers provide a single point of entry to manage multiple cloud services. The key defining feature of a broker, distinct from a provider becomes the ability to provide a single consistent interface to multiple differing providers, whether the interface is for business or technical purposes.

URL  http://collaborate.nist.gov/twiki-cloud-computing/pub/CloudComputing/RATAX_Cloud_Service_Broker/Draft_Definition_of_Broker_Advanced_Roles_Proposal.docx