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Extending Web Application Security by Passing Multiple Parameters across Chained Agents

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2002
Authors  Patt-Corner, Robert
Journal Title  The View, The Technical Journal for Lotus Notes and Domino
Journal Date  03/2002
Publisher  Wellesley Information Services
Key Words  Domino; Lotus;

Some Web applications require functionality that can’t be implemented securely using standard Domino security — for example, a document-management application that gives certain Web users the ability to declare a final version and “clean up” a stack of document drafts, without giving them edit rights to the document drafts themselves. This article shows how you can implement applications that allow for a wide range of back-end server functions without having to grant Web users potentially dangerous privileges. The technique is based on using chained agents and an R5.0.2 feature that passes information from one agent to another. You’ll get a detailed look at the components of a sample document-management solution, annotated agent code, and a sample database that you can download.

URL  http://drh02.eapps.com/eview/viewR6.nsf/ff8165e0a7b06fd085256536001117db/13db14262249f95e85256b6f004baeb5?OpenDocument