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Evaluating WebSphere JavaServer Faces (JSF) development for enterprise settings: Business and technical perspectives

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2006
Authors  Patt-Corner, Robert
Journal Title  The Sphere Journal
Volume  2
Issue  1
Journal Date  01/2006
Publisher  Wellesley Information Services
Key Words  JSF;WebSphere;JEE;J2EE

For managers and developers evaluating the JavaServer Faces (JSF) framework for enterprise use, this article provides the information and insight that put it into perspective. Review the business issues and challenges JSF is designed to address; examine the business case for using JSF as the strategic framework for your J2EE Web application interfaces; explore JSF from a technical perspective, focusing on its key components and processes. To complete your analysis, learn how JSF integrates with other frameworks, notably Struts and Spring, and how it is implemented in Rationals Application Developer 6 and WebSphere 6.

URL  http://www.spherejournal.com/archive//Volume_02_(2006)/Issue_01_(March_and_April)/v2i1a3.cfm?session=