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Building a basic infrastructure for integrating JavaServer Faces (JSF) in an enterprise setting

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2006
Authors  Patt-Corner, Robert
Journal Title  The Sphere Journal
Volume  2
Issue  2
Journal Date  05/06
Key Words  JSF;WebSphere;JEE;J2EE

An enterprise setting demands applications of significant scale and robustness to support many thousands of users, survive the failure of individual servers, and be maintainable by minimally sized teams. They must also be maximally reusable without creating excessive rework for developers. The JavaServer Faces (JSF) framework for building application front ends is up to the challenge. To get you started working with JSF in the context of an enterprise application development setting, this article takes you through a typical three-tier enterprise application and demonstrates key techniques for integrating a JSF-based UI with the business layers. First you’ll see how to construct the data access and business service tiers for integration with the UI; then, you’ll see how to provide access to business services from the UI by putting a basic Service Locator pattern in place between the service tier and UI tier. You can extend the basic approach to build applications that operate with very large-scale implementations.

URL  http://www.spherejournal.com/archive//Volume_02_(2006)/Issue_02_(May_and_June)/v2i2a3.cfm?session=