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Receive and process asynchronous JMS messages using message-driven beans in WebSphere Application Server V6

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2007
Authors  Patt-Corner, Robert
Journal Title  The Sphere Journal
Volume  3
Issue  3
Journal Date  05/2007
Key Words  JMS;WebSphere;JEE;J2EE

Learn how to develop a WebSphere application that receives and processes the asynchronous messages sent by a Java Message Service (JMS) Web application client. Following step-by-step instructions and experience-based recommendations, you’ll learn how to develop, configure, deploy, and test message-driven beans (MDBs) that retrieve and process the asynchronous messages waiting on the WebSphere Application Server (WAS) service integration bus (SIBus) destination queue. Solve the intricacies of message destination linking, write code to process messages into text, and build and deploy your application using the standard WAS deployment tools. The sample MDB and the JMS Web application for accessing and sending messages to a WAS JMS server are available for download from The Sphere Web site.

URL  http://www.spherejournal.com/archive//Volume_03_(2007)/Issue_03_(May_and_June)/v3i3a5.cfm?session=