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We've changed hosts ...

Our hosting company has been kind enough to move us to a new host, with improved capacity and performance. Hope you like it; let us know of any problems

AideRSS ... A Great Start at Predictive News Reading

I've been doing some work recently on predictive newsreading ... adapting open source software to give people a customized daily newspaper of online news tailored to their interests. As a big fan of citizen journalism I've been focusing on blogs as news sources, where RSS feeds are ubiquitous.

A colleague showed me the AideRSS release today, which looks like a great start in prediction!

Software Isn't Hardware in Disguise

I've been working on a writing project since June, answering the question recently put to me (again and again) by businessfolk after a project reached a stage of stability ... "Why does this project still need developers."

The answer, which at first seemed obvious, led me in some interesting directions centering around the mindset behind the question, which I think comes from looking at software as more similar to hardware than it really is.

The first section of the project is Tending the Software Garden -- Part I; more to come as time permits

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